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Since its start in 1932, the Kingdom has taken a leading position within the water desalination industry globally. The establishment of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) in 1974 as an independent governmental institution truly solidified the Kingdom’s global position. SWCC plays an important role in meeting customers’ needs for desalinated water efficiently and reliably at the lowest possible cost and the highest economic return, until it became the largest facility producing desalinated seawater in the world.

It also became a true model of global excellence through the implementation and operation of mega projects and stations and a commitment to quality and professionalism according to the highest standards.
In light of the increasing demand and water security challenges worldwide, industry partners need to look for new horizons for the future of desalination and unify their initiatives that meet the new stages within the industry. From this standpoint, the Kingdom will host the Future of Desalination International Conference (FDIConf 2022), the most important event in desalination in 2022 where policy makers, off-takers, developers, contractors, researchers, innovators, and operators are coming together to co-create the future of desalination.
It is a truly unique opportunity for industry partners. The last five years have seen an extraordinary acceleration in the build out major desalination plants, and a dramatic fall in the cost of water. If we are to maintain that momentum over the years to 2030 we must address the following challenges: 
How can we make $0.32/m3 seawater desalination a reality?
How can we cut the carbon emissions of the industry by 50%? 
How can we grow non-water revenue streams to 10% of the total?
Such questions will be answered at FDIConf 2022 which will be held at the Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences from September 11th to 13th 2022
We Race for the Future
Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought in the spirit of creativity.. innovation.. challenge?
Our Future of Desalination Pavilion will provide attendees a unique innovational experience, imagining what is beyond borders, exploring water resource possibilities and discovering together the possibility of finding:
Water in Space
Undersea Stations
Floating Stations
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